Step Up Your Space With Aesthetic State

by Antonella Kinder & Aesthetic State

Playing with personal style in my day-to-day wear tends to dip somewhere between something deeply fun and something deeply intimate. Will I play nice today or I will invite challenge? Do I follow the rules? Or do I pull a slick, “no thank you world”, and dress with confidence and abandon, like a five year old with no concept of dress norms, color schemes or code. For me, the satisfaction of expression and play in my wardrobe is rich, as it came hard earned with time and a growth into sense of self.

As a late 20-something, opportunities to inject personal style present itself in more… shall we say “adult” ways. I have a home I can decorate however I please. My office is mine to glam up or dress down.

At first I was excited by the blank space – a canvas just for me! My own office! An entire home! But translating my personal style into a cohesive and me-worthy space fell far from my amped up expectations. My room is boring and gray. My office is equally boring, and podged together with little thought.

I had decided to settle until Aesthetic State, local to NWA home stylists, stepped into existence with a mission to “make your home uniquely you by creating a custom space from style to function”. I asked Christyna and Alex to share some of their tips and they spilled these five home-style secrets:

Update Your Lighting

Light fixtures are one of the first things you see when you walk into a space. Amp up your area by choosing light fixtures that create interest with color and texture to add a baby punch of style that your guests will notice as soon as they walk into the room.

Ahhh, you’re a renter. No worries! Check out some plug in scones you can mount on your wall space or take a chance on that really cool table/floor lamp you’ve had your eyes on.

Time For Texture

Texture, texture, texture! Textures have the power to add interest without making a room feel too busy with more patterns or color. If you step into a space that feels homey, take a look around because we guarantee that room’s got some texture going on.

We recommend adding it in with these pieces: rugs, curtains, throw pillows, blankets, or room accessories.

Paint Something You Already Have

An easy way to update without worrying too much about $$$$ is to update a furniture piece you already own with a new color or finish. You can use this as an opportunity to create contrast or to marry the pieces in your room together to give off serious “I’ve got my shit together” vibes.

Grow Some Greenery

Or fake it, we don’t judge. Whether you’ve got a green thumb or decide to go faux, GREENERY IS A MUST. Plants make a space feel cozy and give a room life. Literally. It also has the power to make your area feel more homey, and you might find that your guests will want to sit down and hang around a little longer. (Sorry introverts.)

And don’t forget about planters! There are so many different types and styles that you can really experiment with variety all around your space. Don’t shy away from playing around with ceiling planters and cute woven baskets.

Westwood Gardens, pic: @sydneyslayton

Add A Personal Touch

Something custom or personal always steps up a space and makes it uniquely you. Try painting an art piece, framing your favorite photo or creating something for your wall space.

In our 5 Secrets video we used poster board and card stock to make a gallery of abstract art using colors that coordinated with the living room. Find the template here.

For more hands on help, book a consultation for your space or check out the Aesthetic State YouTube channel.

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