Sasha Rayevskiy (Tigersasha) Debuts Apparel Collection at Beyond The Streets

– Antonella Kinder
– Feature Photo: Meredith Mashburn

Sasha Rayevskiy, known as artist Tigersasha, is going off the wall and into the apparel scene this September 15th at Beyond The Streets on North Block Avenue (tickets are set to sell out, buy yours here while they’re still hot and available).

Check out our interview with Sasha and don’t miss this debut!

sasha 1

Photographer: Meredith Mashburn

MGM: Your work is beautiful, I’ve seen it featured large scale in NWA, Fort Smith, and recently, at NWA Fashion Week. With no formal training, what would you say made you the artist that you are today?

SR: Thank you!

It makes me so happy to hear responses like this to my works. The main thing that made me the artist I am today would have to be my constant desire and drive to improve – to be better than yesterday’s me, and mostly stemming from growing up with an older brother who is also an artist.

Growing up as an immigrant I had to spend a lot of time with my parents, translating. I often times spent hours sitting and drawing – in my own head exploring ideas.

Art and my sketch book were always there. They acted as a gateway and as a means for me to physically interact with whatever was going on in my head.


Photographer: Meredith Mashburn

MGM: What made you want to take a step into the fashion/apparel scene?

SR: My girlfriend. Her shopping addiction has lead to this. Basically I need to make her handmade clothes so we don’t spend all our money. Mama still has to look fly.

No, but in all realness. I’ve wanted to make clothing since I was in high school. I really started diving into it around a decade ago with my brother, and started learning all about the art of screen printing and dissecting brands I liked. That process and having the opportunity to own and operate a street wear boutique (BLK MKT Arkansas) for a couple of years have helped lead me to this point.

MGM: What can we expect to see at Beyond The Street for your debut apparel collection?

SR: Sweat pants, hip hop and loud pipes.

MGM: Where did you draw inspiration from?

SR: My love for simplistic design, tactile feel, and attention to detail all mixed up into comfort.


MRM: Current style and art obessions?

SR: Currently I’m all about bubbles, babes, and flowers.

I love details. Crisp, clean lines. Bold colors. Taking everything I’ve learned over the years, I’ve molded my knowledge of digital works to match my physical works, and vice versa, so that there are almost no noticeable differences between the two. Through that I developed an obsession to constantly refine, simplify, perfect, and better my methods to create the works you see.

FullSizeR (1)

Photographer: Meredith Mashburn 

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