Sunburn Skin Care

– Antonella Kinder

– Graphic: Ash and Chess

Natalie Keen, MGM’s fave Medical Esthetician and skin care guru, is back to cover our sunburn skin care needs.

MGM: Long story short, I had a not-so-awful sunburn on my face that left kind-of-awful peeling. Plus the overall condition of my skin was pretty rough following said sunburn. What’s the best way to treat peeling after too much sun and combat the dryness?

Natalie: Prevention is key. 30+ SPF each day (even on the rainy days!), and if you’re outside, make sure you reapply every 2 hours. A physical zinc oxide sunscreen is ideal. You can find them at Ulta or Sephora. Another key ingredient is hyaluronic acid, whether it’s in serum or moisturizer form.

AFTER the sunburn, keep the area nice and moisturized through out the whole healing process!

Moisturizing Options:

  • Aloe Vera. Try keeping it in your fridge for extra relief.
  • Vitamin E oil promotes healing and smooths skin simultaneously. I recommend using Vitamin E oil at night because it will leave your skin a little more oily than normal.

MGM: What’s the worst thing I could do to/for my skin post sunburn?

Natalie: Picking at the peeling skin! Leave it alone, no matter how gnarly, and let the body naturally heal itself. Forcing the peeling process can worsen the irritation and scar the skin.

MGM: Recommended products for prevention and your fave summer moisturizers?

Natalie: Skin Medica HA5, The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2%, Avocado or Vitamin E oil, Rhonda Allison Cucumber Spritz.

Good summer moisturizers are Elta MD AM Therapy, Eminence Organics Stone Crop Hydrating Gel, Rhonda Allison Amino Peptide Moisturizer.

Now, my all time FAVORITE moisturizer right now is the Eminence Organics Tinted Moisturizer with 25 SPF. It smells amazing and comes in 3 different tints.


More skin care questions for Natalie? Comment below or slide into her DM’s.

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