Ethical Fashion & Ensemble of Elan

– Antonella Kinder

– Photography: Hannah Hall

Through musings from The Fashion Law (fashion law/business analyst resource covering everything from shady influencer dealings and calling out big brands copyright infringement, to shitty marketing) I learned the ugly truth behind fast fashion.

clothing rack

The great, affordable clothing from threads of stores like Forever 21, Zara, and H&M are generally affordable for a couple of not-so-great reasons. 1) the clothes are poor quality 2) they exploit workers overseas by paying them unfair wages.

Oh, and it turns out fast fashion is also kind of terrible for the environment. Think: textile waste, toxic chemicals and water pollution. Yikes.

But, probably much like you, I can’t afford to buy solely from sustainable fashion brands like Reformation or Everlane. Admittedly, I also struggle with my own selfish addiction to fast fashion’s speedy roll out of new trends.

So what’s the middle ground?

In addition to investing in sustainable pieces and supporting sustainable fashion brands, shopper’s can find ways to continue to recycle clothing – minimizing that aforementioned textile waste.



Outside of thrift store shopping, which btw I highly recommend, you can start by checking out brands like Ensemble of Elan.


Ensemble of Elan initially looked into creating their own fashion line which proved, among other things, expensive af and horrible for the environment (see: literally everything above). Ensemble duo Sabrina and Hannah decided to, instead, put their fashion-know-how and sewing skills to work by breathing new life into vintage pieces.


Peek their site here or swing by their pop-up shop in Conway this Saturday, June 30th from 11am – 1pm and save the environment one $5 clothing item at time.

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