Mad Girl Ashley Molesso Raises Funds for NWA Equality for 26th Birthday

Antonella Kinder

Mad Girl Ashley Molesso, designer/co-founder of lady powered biz Ash+Chess and Mad Girls Mag graphic designer, is raising money for NWA Equality in celebration of her 26th birthday.


What’s NWA Equality?

NWA Equality serves our local community by providing education, advocacy, resources and services to our lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer brothers/sisters/friends/loves. Every summer, this kick ass org puts on the largest NWA LGBTQ pride celebration: Northwest Arkansas Pride.


A Word from Mad Girl Ashley Molesso

“I chose to support NWA Equality for my birthday because I want to help raise awareness in Arkansas for the LGBT community. I grew up in Arkansas and at the time there weren’t a lot of gay people around, or at least they weren’t out yet, and also the area is generally Bible-belty and Republican [so typically non inclusive/accepting/approving of LGBTQ – cheers to the inclusive Christian and Republican brothers and sisters] that it’s not something that many people were talking about.

I think it’s important and great that there is a place locally that serves to provide education and awareness, and acts as a safe haven for LGBT people who need a community, want to be more informed, or need services.

ALSO, in May, we are going to be releasing some LGBT art prints and cards of which a portion of the proceeds will go towards LGBT organizations.”


Celebrate & Donate

Let’s wish LGBT cutie Ashley Molesso a happy birthday and celebrate with her by donating to NWA Equality. You sweet angels can donate here.


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