NWA Fashion Week: Night Two


Antonella Kinder
– Photography: Hannah Hall, The Gray People

Love Zelda

Peep our special #bts feature on Love Zelda here.


Rosie Rose

Never one to stray from a little bit of drama: “My collection is called the Romance Collection and it’s made up of ten looks which tell a love story: we begin with flirtation, courtship, then love and temptation before the story ends tragically. The fabrics are sheer, shiny and luxurious – covered in hand sewn fabric flowers.”


Felix Bui

“For Spring 18, I’m seeking inspiration through my Asian heritage. Traditionally, Asian fashion is more conservative and with my aesthetic, I’m making it more fun and sexy. I’m using embroidered jacquard and printed silk fabrics imported from Italy.”


A. Brooks Design

“My line, Regal Radiance, is primarily made of rich, textured fabrics with shimmering accents – sequins and Swarovski crystals. My inspiration and dream is to put the every day woman, from every walk of life, into a garment that makes her radiate from the inside out so that her positivity and confidence permeates every room she enters.”

Gina Rose Gallina

Gina Rose Gallina strayed far from the safe zone and warmed me up right on up to these incredibly insane crotchet pieces.


Emily’s One Man Band

100% sustainable – these rockin’ looks are camper meets post apocalyptic glam squad.



Pretty-in-pink with some retro shapes and old school gathering – Amy Johnson of Aimz Designs also created a line for the lovelies at the Elizabeth Richardson Center, which you can learn more about here.


Ellen Elaine



Korto Momolu


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