NWA Fashion Week: Night Three


Antonella Kinder
– Photographer: Hannah Wall, The Gray People

Editor’s Note: All images belong and are credited to Mad Girls Mag in collaboration with The Gray People. 

A’Lyece Lenae

Hand sewn designs that flow and fit the female form to a loving T. Thanks for the easy-on-the-eyes, all femme looks, A’Lyece Lenae.


LFLS Shoes featuring Walker Brothers Suiting

LFLS swept into the Spring 2018 showcase with a classic, luxurious vibe – “dapper for the gentleman, and an elegant look with a twist for our female model. The [Walker Brother’s Suits] will definitely be complimenting our designs.”



Richie Clark

In a refreshing contrast to some of the previous NWAFW Spring looks we saw boppin’ on the runway – designer Richie Clark went for a wilder, bolder, spring showcase that didn’t dare bow down from print or color. Richie Clark went spring wild and MGM is very here for the playfulness of it all.


Inkjnkjk Studios

With his first NWAFW debut, Inkjnkjk hit the runway loud and clear with wearable art and something to say. Artist/Designer Josiah Keys designs took a (fashionable) grunge-y bite out of an otherwise bright and shiny Saturday night showcase and we appreciate the switch up. Catch ya at the fall show, no? xoxo


G by Gavin

If the other lines were selling sweets this Spring, G by Gavin was selling sex. It’s all Swarovski crystal covered bodysuits and low cut leather over here sweet, sexy babes.

rihanna crystal


R Gene

R Gene’s self defined “genderless clothing line” stuck to a strict black and white palette while managing to be anything but boring. Free long forms, layered/uneven cuts, and sheer tops left plenty for the eye to play with – making R Gene‘s line the most daring of the Spring 2018 NWAFW show.


Alberti & Co

Never one to fear a little (a lottle?) layer or pattern play, Alberti & Co. rang up a MGM favorite with their plastic skirt + belted empire waist pairing. Retro with an eclectic twist might just be Alberti’s bread and butter, ladies and gents.


Lauren James

If you were looking to put some prep in your step, look no further because Lauren James is most certainly your girl.


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