NWA Fashion Week: Love, Zelda

Antonella Kinder
– Photography: Hannah Hall, The Gray People


Editor’s Note: All photographs belong to Mad Girls Mag in collaboration with The Gray People. Shared content requires full credits <3. 

Designer Sara Soo of Love Zelda – known for her lines elegant, simple silhouettes and subtlety sexy, ever-so-soft silk – manages to stay and play with her tried-and-true roots while still venturing into LZ Brand, brand-new territory this Spring 2018.


Retro silhouettes paired with LZ’s signature silk and handmade lace inserts only add to the lines romantic tendencies.


Another spring addition – an all silk jumpsuit. Ringing true to the dress up/dress down LZ refrain, we bet this jumper would look bangin’ in heels or sneakers.


Cotton dresses in playful patterns make for an easy, slip on (slip off?) spring staple AND DARE WE SAY an easy summer transition piece??


A kimono wrap for the risqué, or perhaps rather, the lovingly layered inclined silk lover.



Happy 2nd NWA Fashion Week Love Zelda!

Did You Know?

Sara McGuigan, founder of Love Zelda, has applied for a small business grant which, if won, will empower her to put on a summer event to uplift victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking? Click here to learn more and vote for Love Zelda.

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