NWA Fashion Week: Night One

Antonella Kinder
– Photographer: Hannah Hall, The Grey People

Editor’s Note: All images belong to Mad Girls Mag in collaboration with The Grey People – feel free to share with explicit credits! xoxo

Ensemble of Elan

“Our Spring 2018 show is inspired by the fearlessness of women around the world, represented through bold colors, patterns and styling that is anything but ordinary. We believe that when a woman is able to fully express herself, she can accomplish anything.”


Darcy Apparel

Darcy Apparel was all whimsy featuring a cool girl collab with artist Allison Hobbs.

“We were inspired by simple, ethereal textures, shapes and lines. The collection is comprised mostly of high quality linens and cotton in muted tones with pops of color and texture reminiscent of mid century American summer vacations to the coasts. The painting of the head scarves and faces express and accentuate the complexity of the female form and woman’s desire to express herself through multiple mediums of art.”



“The inspiration is the dream of an adventurous getaway. We both want to travel and experience the world and each outfit could travel easily and be captured so beautifully. We also realize that people want outfits that are versatile and most of our looks can be easily paired to create a day-to-day wear look.”



Ropa showcased a sweet spring mix of soft fabrics and cool cuts.



Easy, breezy, sweet and spring-y. We’d be lying if this all off-white look on model Gabrielle Lewis wasn’t making us fall in love.


Hubbard Clothing Company

Hubbard Clothing “intends to provoke the senses through fashion, art, grooming, decor, libations and all things gentlemanly”. These fine fitted pieces in a classic palette make cool class look effortless.



Hey Lola, darlings. We love this slightly edgier black top and slinky black slip which seem to play so nicely with your sweeter sets.


Denim & Essentials

Premium denim and luxury basics for the modern man. Denim & Essentials already know they can play cool and classic, and in this collection we don’t see them shying away from edgier cuts, playful patterns or pops of color. Anybody else getting bad boy vibes?



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