Bentonville Ales & Tails: Crawfish Boil

ales and tails mgm graphicAntonella Kinder
– Graphic: Ash and Chess

Hey NWA, ready to get your hands dirty?

Saturday, March 31st from 2pm – 5pm you’ll catch us doing just that at the 1st Annual Bentonville Ales & Tails Crawfish Boil.

Ales and Tails has previously been a Fayetteville only event (you can still spot them there April 7th at the Washington County Fair Grounds), so let’s give them a warm welcome at the 8th Street Market & Bike Rack Brewery for their first bound into Bentonville.

P.S. – what’s your best crawfish cracking technique? Are you an Elle Woods bend and snap (and peel) kind of gal/guy, or do you go full Super Saiyan-Southern and suck the heads for a full flavor effect?

elle woods bend and snap

Alright, alright, the pop culture round is over – visit our Instagram page to learn how you can win two tickets to the Bentonville Crawfish Fest for all you can eat crawfish, beer and live music.

Don’t feel like waiting? Go ahead and buy your ticket here (general admission tickets are running for $45 a pop).

See you suckers there!

ales and tails bville flier

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