Has Pornhub Gone Millennial Pink?

Antonella Kinder

All the better to offer free premium content for period-havers worldwide, my dear.

The self described “leading free porn site” reports that the “Fuck Your Period” campaign evolved after a 1000% upped interest in their content catered towards lady viewers.

“We created this initiative in hopes of encouraging women everywhere to practice self-care during their periods regardless of how their partners may or may not feel about that time of the month.”

– Alexandra Klein, Pornhub Marketing Manager

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Okay, But What Do Orgasms Have to Do With My Period?

Glad you asked.

Aside from being awesome (Ya know. Feels fantastic, boosts mood, relaxing, etc.), orgasms have the ability to ease period pain and decrease cramps by releasing chemicals like dopamine and oxytocin. AKA, your body’s feel good hormones and natural pain relievers.

Did we mention you might be able to shorten your period?? Yeah. As your uterus contracts, it expels more blood and uterine lining than it would all on it’s lonesome.

f your period uterus

Not All That Interested In This Particular Party?

You’re not alone.

Nomi Leasure (New York based writer, advice columnist, period sex positive person) weighs in.

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“What Pornhub is doing is cute, and I appreciate their millennial pink attempt at girl-power periods, but this is not revolutionary. To me, it’s more powerful to treat periods as the normal, commonplace occurrence that they are; to remove the “otherness” of what some 52% of the population experiences on a monthly basis.

The luxury men have within a Patriarchy is that what they experience is seen as the norm to which everything else is compared. The power lies in not having to explain yourself, of not having to pander to stereotypes and then vigorously combat them.

Pornhub is a massive purveyor of the cis-male sexual appetite – one that is unrealistic at best, and exploitative at worst. This campaign feels like a PR ploy to hop on the current feminist movement and broaden their market reach to a female audience – one that is likely not currently supporting this site.

Lower the cost of tampons and make them tax exempt like other goods deemed “essential”, make feminine hygiene products accessible for free to homeless and low income women in shelters and food banks, protect the transgender community in using the restroom of their choice, legalize sex work – these are serious attempts at reinforcing female and sexual rights in a meaningful way.

For the record, I’m all about period sex in the same way I’m all about non-period sex. There is nothing special, unique or out of the ordinary about having sex on my period vs. not on my period, other than saying “hold up, let me go take out my tampon” before getting it on. To me, that is true sexual period-power.”

f your period

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