Interview: Jessica Humerick

Antonella Kinder

Inside the Mad Girl Crush Interviews, we take a moment to explore the minds of creative, kick-ass women pursuing their passions.   

Jessica Humerick, award winning makeup artist and creative consultant, was born in the south of Boston, MA where her world consisted of “a block radius of mischief and creating an alternate reality”.

Jessica speaks her truth unapologetically, and in every medium, from style to speech. I’ve always felt that such women were both artist and art, a revered testament of self creation that one feels pressed to both admire and muse over.

Read below for our interview with reality-weaver, Jessica Humerick.

Jessica Humerick Interview Picture 2

MGM: How did you make your way into the world as a stylist?

JH: Really just being paying my dues in every other aspect on set. I’ve been in the industry since I was 18/19 years old. It’s all about visual storytelling and having a strong sense of self. Most of my private clients have a completely different aesthetic than I do, but I get them to step out of their comfort zone and conjure how they want to feel.

I love styling regardless of whether it’s on human flesh or the heart of a home. My passions consist of so much more than styling and makeup artistry. It’s so much more than what we wear on our bodies. It’s about what makes us unique and whole and keeps anxiety at bay. (happiness)

MGM: Your personal style is refreshingly unique. How would you describe it and where do you draw personal style inspiration from? 

JH: Androgynous. Monochrome. Evolving. I love drawing inspiration from powerful men and women throughout history. I mix eras all the time. We have that power.

I would get lost in my grandmother’s furs and my mom’s loud, wild prints. Her makeup collection, her perfumes. I realized when I was little that how you choose to adorn yourself can be a secret language, a method of communication to only those that understand.


MGM: What does success look like for you? 

JH: Having a couple tiny apartments in cities I love, being IN love, being able to die without regret. To hell with a white picket fence. A doorman. I want a bloody doorman! 

MGM: What do you admire about other women in the business of creating? Why?

JH: I couldn’t even begin to describe my admiration of creative and strong boss ladies. Woman are innately the most powerful creatures on earth yet continue to undergo so much adversity. 

MGM: What do you turn to when you’re in a creative rut?  

JH: Wine and autobiographies. I love reading stories of people that have overcome extreme diversity. It’s like: Oh, you not only hit rock bottom but tore your skin on all the jagged points and blood, sinew, and soul spilled out? I suppose I could get over this (insert current dilemma here) then. 

MGM: What advice do you have for other women or what advice do you wish you could have given yourself 5-10 years ago? 

JH: Love RAW. You’re about to make so many mistakes your head will reel for years. But go with your gut. “Oh, fuck.” is better than “What if.”


MGM: Current obsessions?

JH: My odd-eyed Persian cat Loki Morphenkind, artwork from Ignasi Moneal, and pomegranates. 

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