Best Skin Care Routine, Best Self

– Antonella Kinder

The wonderful world of skincare is exactly that – a world. For those unversed in serum-speak or daily glow-from-the-inside-out rituals, it’s one that feels all too intimidating.

If you’re going to learn the language and hang with the natives, you’ve gotta nail the basics.

Que Natalie Keen, Medical Esthetician and proud owner of clear, glow-y, outta this world skin.

MGM: Tell me about your background in skincare. 

NK: I started my extensive product knowledge training at Avenue Five. After I graduated I attended the Dallas, Texas National Laser Institute where I received certifications in laser services, tattoo removal and microneedling. Avenue Five is where my love for medical esthetics really grew and took hold.

Now, I’m working as a medical esthetician with roots in both medical and holistic treatments so my approach to skin care is very versatile. My main goal is to help my clients find what products/routines best fit their lifestyle and budget.

MGM: When it comes to skin care I feel like I’m just missing something or that I have no idea what I’m doing (probably both, tbh). For me, and the other skin care inept girls and boys out there, what’s a solid skin care base to build on? 

NK:    1.) cleanser

          2.) moisturizer

         3.) SPF


Cleanse, hydrate, protect.

These are your basic 3 starters for any solid skin care routine. Once you have these 3 down, you can go in and start adding all the fun things like serums, enzymes, and masks.

MGM: Will this give me impossibly clear skin and that perfect Selena Gomez glow or is that more intensive?

NK: A solid skin care routine is definitely the start to getting that Selena Gomez glow! Lots of other factors go into finding and maintaining your glow. The help of a trusty esthetician (me) and the right combination of products and treatments will have you shining like a star in no time.

MGM: What’s the one thing you wish your clients would stop doing that’s horrible for their skin?

NK: PICKING YOUR FACE. No one understands the urge to pick a pesky pimple or blackhead more than I do, trust me, BUT the amount of bacteria that is living under your fingernails and on your hands in general is just a recipe for disaster. Picking at your skin can cause hyper pigmentation (darkening of the pigment), scarring and potentially more breakouts.

MGM: Biggest beauty myth? Is it coconut oil? 

NK: I am so glad you asked me about coconut oil. Coconut oil is so great for so many different things. But when it comes to the face, it is a huge no no. Coconut oil is what we consider to be comedogenic which means it is pore clogging. In fact, on a scale of 1-5 (5 being worst), coconut oil is a 4!! When you put coconut oil on your face, it sits in your pores collecting more oil, dirt and debris essentially causing more problems. So slather that stuff all over your whole body, but when it comes to the face, let’s find a nice moisturizer instead. 🙂

MGM: If you were stranded on an island and could only take two skin care products with you what would they be and why?

NK: Ah, easy! A good cleanser and then a combo moisturizer + SPF. The cleanser to wash away all that dirt and oil buildup and the moisturizer + SPF to hydrate while also protecting me from those terrible UVA and UVB rays.

See below for esthetician recommended products to build your very own best skin, best self skincare routine.


Skin Medica: Sensitive Skin Cleanser or AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

Rhonda Allison: Foaming Peptide Cleanser, Citrus Gel Cleanser, Skin Brightening Cleanser

Arcona: Cranberry Toner


Skin Medica: TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream, Rejuvenative Moisturizer, HA5

Eminence: Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer, Clear Skin Probiotic Moisturizer

EltaMD: AM Therapy

Skin Better: AlphaRet Overnight Cream


Skin Medica: Anything 30+

EltaMD: Anything 30+


Note: This interview has been edited and condensed.


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