Style Spotlight: Nomi Leasure

Antonella Kinder

“Not For Nice Girls”

To take a stroll down the pages of Peek Mag is to understand the four word warning sign (or better yet, invitation) that founder, Nomi Leasure, left at its entry. Reader beware, Nomi and Peek Mag are here to provoke: mind, body and soul.

pro-voke (verb)

stimulate or give rise to. incite.

Artful and provocative nudes from both sexes (Peek is a wonderful world of equal opportunity after all) are displayed amongst other not-so-naked art, words of inspiration, and Nomi’s own musings of wisdom and truth.

First time sightseers may feel overwhelmed by the array of images and text posts, but I have a feeling Nomi is right at home with its healthy dose of multifarious-ness. Nomi Leasure started carving her name into the world as a blogger and now sits pretty as Peek Mag’s founder, Taylor Magazine’s advice columnist and our very own, albeit unintentional, style icon.

Read our Style Spotlight interview below.

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Nomi Leasure | Brooklyn, NY


Mad Girls Mag: I love the looks you pull together and you’ve had several style features now. Is this something you set out to do?

Nomi Leasure: I find it funny every time people ask me about fashion. I’ve never given it a lot of thought and it’s not something I pursued outright. I never follow trends because every two months there’s always something else.

I buy things and think in silhouettes, or comfort, or fit. [Style] was always a form of self expression for me. My mom always let me dress myself and looking back, I look crazy in my elementary school pictures. Lots of faux paus. And I’ll probably continue to make fashion faux paus.

Mad Girls Mag: Biggest faux paus?

Nomi Leasure: Just last year I wore sandals with these white socks and when I look back I just see me trying to do this trendy thing. It never works. You have to stay authentic to yourself.

Mad Girls Mag: Does where you live influence your style?

Nomi Leasure: New York, yes. Every morning on the subway I’m so inspired. The women! These New York women, and often the men too, they give me so much life. You see the glitzy high fashion for evening, but just the every day style is so subtle, nuanced and thoughtful.

Mad Girls Mag: How would you describe your style?

Nomi Leasure: Funky chic. I like to keep it clean. I’m not big on accessories because I don’t like a lot of shit hanging off of me all the time. Being petite, I like things that fit well but I still like to get a little funky with it.

Processed with VSCO with q3 preset
Nomi Leasure | Brooklyn, NY
Processed with VSCO with q3 preset
Nomi Leasure | Brooklyn, NY


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