Six Podcasts To Tune Into

– Antonella Kinder

Graphic: Ashley Molesso

Whether you’re new to the world of podcasts or you’re just looking to spice up your usual subscription, you’ll wanna tune into these six binge worthy podcasts.


What did I tune into? Episode One

Seven minutes in and I pronounce this six episode thriller: binge worthy. Scripted voice acting usually plays ick on the podcast-sphere, but here it just works. Nail bite your way through this government conspiracy with me and share your suspense ridden thoughts in the comments.

Features: Amy Sedaris, Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaac, David Cross, and David Schwimmer

How to tune in? Gimlet Media or iTunes

Alice Isn’t Dead

What did I tune into? Episode One

Another day, another eerily well done scripted podcast. Jasika Nicole’s voice draws you in like a siren song and moves the story very pointedly forward. Alice is horror movie scary and boasts an incredible custom sound with its tailor made tracks.

How to tune in? Night Vale or iTunes


What did I tune into? Entanglement

Invisibilia, latin for “Invisible Things”, weaves together everyday stories with science to explore how invisible forces (ideas, beliefs, assumptions, and emotions) control human nature. This podcast is an interesting and addicting exploration into the wonderful world of psychology.

How to tune in? NPR or iTunes


What did I tune into? Episode 115: Ladies Loving Ladies With Tara Jepsen

A perfect balance of entertainment and information, PopRocket talks what’s trending in pop culture. Smart, funny and sometimes sweary hosts combine comic, journalistic, academic and media expertise to dig a little deeper into what’s going on in the world of entertainment.

How to tune in? Maximum

The Hilarious World of Depression

What did I tune into? Episode #6: Supershow! Eight Comedians! One Chronic Mental Illness!

Depression… but with laughs. Comedian host, John Moe, talks with top comedians who bare their souls to help eliminate that sticky stigma around mental illness. Depression is isolating and shame can weigh heavy,  which makes the real value of this podcast its ability to make this illness feel more universal.

How to tune in? APM or iTunes

Death, Sex and Money

What did I tune into? Mahershala Ali on Faith, Love & Success; Let’s Talk About Porn

DS&M unwraps taboos and other tidbits we generally consider to be best left out of polite conversation. This podcast was so good I had to taste test not one, but two episodes. Get ready to get personal.

How to tune in? WYNC or iTunes

What podcasts are you plugging into? Don’t be stingy, share your favorites in the comments.

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