Interview: Zsofia Farkas, FRKS Lingerie

– by Devynne Diaz , Antonella Kinder

Photographer: Stephanie Parsley

Hair and Make Up Artist: Jessica Humerick 




Zsofia Farkas creates luxury lingerie within her one of kind line: FRKS Lingerie. Based out of Hungary, Farkas brings you better than your average bra-and-panty sets with intricate hand embroidered accents and custom lingerie patterns made of the softest fabrics to form to your unique body. Her pieces are custom made for each of her clients, so no two pieces are the same. One of a kind lingerie?? Definitely an investment.


MGM: What does FRKS stand for and what made you decide to start your business?

Zsofia Farkas: FRKS came from my family name, Farkas, and in Hungarian that means wolf.

I felt that this was something I always wanted to do and its been great fun to play with the mixture of the materials, forms and patterns. I had made some designs for a shop in Budapest and after I started to share some photos on Facebook and Tumblr, more and more people wrote to me asking how they could buy my pieces. So I started an online shop on Etsy. The beginning wasn’t so easy. I have to say thank you to some lingerie blogs (Scarlet’s Letter, The Lingerie Addict) because they helped me to reach more people and show them my work.

MGM: What does success look like to you?

Zsofia Farkas: I’m happiest when I get feedback from my customers. It’s so heartwarming when they are happy with the results. When they write to me and tell me it gives them a kind of power when they are wearing my work… It’s success for me.

MGM: Do you envision a certain kind of woman wearing FRKS?

Zsofia Farkas: Usually I’m thinking more in moods and then I want to create lingerie for that specific imagining. Then I just hope the feeling comes through. My lingerie is very unique so I think when someone wears it, it fits to her.

MGM: How do you handle self doubt in your personal and professional life?

Zsofia Farkas: I’m more a thinking person, not a talking one. When I’m having problems I always think a lot and play all the possibilities in my brain before I say or do anything. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Mostly my divinations are good and I choose the good way. Even when I’m not sure in my decision at the moment, I know when I look back  I usually see that it was the best choice.

MGM: What do you admire about other creative women and why?

Zsofia Farkas: I have a natural attraction to the French style. Sophie Marceau, Juliette Binoche, Caroline de Maigret, Lea Seydoux….I could write a lot of names here. They have a special sense of humor and careless elegance to their style.

MGM: What do you turn to when you need inspiration or when you’re in a creative rut?

Zsofia Farkas: A good film always helps. I prefer go to the cinema because there you really can shut out the outside world and concentrate just on the story. I also like going to the library. Finding a calm corner and watching the people while they are there with a good book… it’s very relaxing and inspiring.

And of course traveling, traveling, traveling.

MGM: What advice do you have for other women or what advice do you wish you could have given yourself 5-10 years ago?

Zsofia Farkas: I don’t know that I can really give advice but I think the most important thing is that you have to believe in what you are doing, whatever it is, and when you feel you need a change then you have to believe that you have enough power to start something new even though you’ve put a lot of energy into this previous thing. Sometimes when you do something for a long, long time it’s really hard to change. But the new things mean new possibilities and from these there will always be a perfect choice for you.

MGM: Where do you see FRKS down the line?

Zsofia Farkas: At the moment I’m thinking of taking a little break. I´m not 100% satisfied with my designs so I think I need some new inspiration or maybe have to try some new things to get back my creativity.

Maybe I won´t stop completely and do only custom orders, but I need fresh thoughts.

MGM: Describe FRKS Lingerie in three words.

Zsofia Farkas: Playful, Unique, and Colourful.


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  1. Grace says:

    Hey where can I buy these?


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